Just-A-Buck Licensing, Inc., headquartered in New Windsor, New York, supports a chain of franchised and company-owned dollar stores with locations throughout the eastern United States. The first store opened in Poughkeepsie in 1988. The company became eligible to sell franchises in 1992.

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s were the green years for America’s dollar stores. It was during these fertile years that Steven Bakst, a seasoned buyer who had over 20 years experience purchasing closeout and over-stocked merchandise, opened the 1st Just-A-Buck store in Poughkeepsie, NY with his sister. The crowds that flooded the flagship store aisles reinforced the Baksts’ faith in the dollar store concept. The 1st store was so successful that the company soon opened up more. With each new store, Just-A-Buck refined the concept until they perfected a tried and true formula. It was also their duty to find highly competent managers to maintain the stores in the manner they wanted, which wasn’t easy. Unlike some other dollar stores, often impaired by “hodgepodge” displays and disheveled merchandise, these stores were meticulously neat and clean. And, customer service was never to be one of the items permitted to be discounted.

In 1992, they took a third partner, Robert Capone, and sold their 1st franchise. Today, these dollar stores are flourishing and are being run by franchisees who have discovered the American dream really can come true. All it takes is a lot of drive, and Just-A-Buck.


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